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jennifer de la rosalammy    Dix Hills, New York
I'm looking for someone to come on adventures with me, i've spent a lot of time studying so i'd like to get out and see the world. It'd be great to meet someone like minded and willing to try new things.
makayla evansteddybear2010    Raleigh, North Carolina
I know my bio here is kind of long. But that way you can tell IF you want to keep the conversation going with me or not. We both value our time, so that seems like the right approach. Not looking for
evinybhazra91    Vaughan, Ontario
Hey girls, I'm Amanda I'm 25 years old :) I work full time as a medical assistant, I drive, and have my own apartment. I'm looking for a long term relationship with a girl who doesn't create drama
johanna sarriajesica    SC, South Carolina
I lived in the fast paced city life and found that does not fit my life style. I enjoy almost anything in the out of doors. I am a jean type of person. Not into sports teams and such. I like to travel

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